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Bobcat & Slasher

Our Holland Bobcat Slasher is available with associated equipment: standard bucket and 4 in 1 bucket, forks and front-mounted slasher.

EWP Trucks

Tree climbing is useful for trees that are hard to access with EWP trucks or are too high to reach with an EWP truck.


Woodrowe have seven chippers on hand of various sizes ranging from 6" to 14". 
All foliage of pruned and removed trees are mulched on site. 

Customers are more than welcome to keep what is mulched upon request. 

Woodrowe Tree Technicians can also come to you and chip trees, foliage, and branches that you have removed yourself.

Stump Muncher

Our diesel powered Stump Muncher is hydrostatically driven with the engine mounted level giving it a lower centre of gravity allowing it to cut on steeper inclines.The stump grinder, 'grinds' away the stump removing the tree's life source, effectively ensuring no further growth and the final removal process and death of the tree.

Super Crawler

The Rayco Super Crawler boasts 39gpm at 5,500psi giving it the strength needed to get the job done with unmatched productivity.

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