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Vic Roads Accredited for worksite Traffic Management Implementation, which allows us to apply for MOA’s and have them quickly approved for work to commence. We have a number of support vehicles set up for traffic management ready to be deployed for emergencies or urgent works as required. They are all driven by our Qualified Traffic Management team. We also have 3 sets of portable traffic lights.


We specialize in traffic plans/planning and traffic control services across regional Victoria. ArborRowe have provided Traffic Management for a variety of projects such as surveying, resealing of roads, powerline work, and CFA burn-offs.

All support vehicles are set up with:

• Temporary Traffic management signage & devices

• Stop/Slow bats

• UHF radios

• All relevant documentation
ie. SWMS, procedures, traffic forms & Safety manuals

• Flashing Beacons

• Hi-Visibility vests

If you are looking for Traffic Control Plans, our skilled team can design a traffic control plan to meet the objectives of any sized project using the latest technology ‘Rapidplan”, with the primary goal being safety throughout the entire worksite.

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