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Image by Arnaud Mesureur
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We have the equipment and experience to handle any kind of tree trimming job, we also specialise in tree removal and stump removal, all our work is carried out with environmental care and professional expertise.
Tree Management

Layered Pine Tree
Our process for tree removal is simple and safe. Before we begin any work we examine the tree to understand exactly what is wrong and determine if tree removal is the best option. If it is, we then survey the area and clear a path where the tree can fall. We may remove branches first if necessary to reduce how much room the tree needs to fall safely. 
Tree Removal
Logs in Forest
Woodrowe Logo.png
Elevated Work Platforms 
We specialise in the trimming of large trees due to our unique fleet of Elevated Work Platform (EWP) trucks. These trucks enable us to work at heights of up to 19 meters, and the EWPs can also work lower than 12 meters. 

Layered Pine Tree
Stump Management 

The RG40 stump cutter is part of the original self-propelled backyard stump cutter range that professionals have relied on since 1986.

The RG40 comes with petrol engine power of 40hp. To maximise visibility while cutting, the RG40 has the drivetrain located on the far side of the cutter wheel, and Rayco’s exclusive, swing-out control station gives operators the best view while cutting and swings in line with the machine for travel through gates.

Wide, floatation tires with bar tread give the RG40 a firm grip on the terrain, and dual wheels can be added for extra stability. Rayco’s exclusive slewing ring pivot design lowers the center of gravity and lets the RG40 cut at maximum depth across the whole swing path.

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